16 cm comp.

Powerhandling: 100W/RMS
Frequency response: 50-20 kHz
Efficiency: 87dB
Mounting depth: 63mm
Format: 3-weg comp.
Crossover: 18dB
Impedence: 4 Ohm

Wow! The story behind these components would take several pages. 3 years of studying European drivers is evident. All 3 drivers use the highest grade of powerful Neodymium magnets in the motors. The 1″ tweeter uses a silk surround on the diaphragm to yield uncommonly smooth response for a metal dome tweeter. The 6.5″ midbass uses a Kevlar-reinforced pulp paper cone, and with a laminated foam backing on the cone, the perfectly damped, uncolored sound in phenomenal.

The 2.5″ midrange is really an unique piece. It uses am aluminum cone and dustcap to eliminate cone distortion caused by cone flex. It will fit in all dash-top location as well as A-pillars since it is only 1.375″ deep. With the midrange and tweeters up higher, there is no need for bulky, expensive kickpanels. And the soundstage will be high, wide and deep.

The crossover, being the most critical part of the set, use 400Hz and 4kHz points to stay away from the sensitive 1kHz range. The tweeter has a PTC switch for protection and a 5-way L-Pad to set the level from +4dB to -4dB.

Easily rival components costing 3x the price, these components can satisfy even the most ruthless audiophile.